The Problemaddicts

By Baysic
Dope group I got into recently, debut album is a breath of fresh air.

The Problemaddicts are a 5-man squad of emcees assembled by and including Executive Producer Tone, Vorheez, Force, Black Buddha, and 1ne Man sound. Backed by 3-time Valley Advocate DJ of the Year, DJ Theory. I think most of the members of the group are from Massachusetts.

The whole album is produced by Tone and DJ Theory.

Their 16-track LP debut album that released in September (of this year) features Planet Asia & Masta Ace.
1. True To The Essence (Intro)
2. Play The Cut
3. Five On Four
4. Checkmate feat. Planet Asia
5. I’ll Be White Black
6. Strange Fruit
7. Freedom
8. Wheels Of Steel (Skit)
9. Hurting feat. Masta Ace
10. Sad State
11. Show Stoppers
12. Best Foot Forth
13. Keep On feat. Ray Hendricks
14. Days Of Hip Hop (Skit)
15. What It Seems
16. Rappers Are Repetitive

These guys come with a vengeance against commercial hip hop & the industry.

"I'll Be White Black" is a powerful track against racism.


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Katalyst- What's Happening (2007)

By Baysic
Katalyst is a Australian DJ and producer that produces in a "electronica, turntabilism, and hip hop" mix. Not really like Nujabes, which is Nu-Jazz and I guess, classical hip hop instrumentals. He produces in a different style... see for yourself. "What's Happening" is the only album I've heard from him and I was pretty impressed after hearing it a couple of times. There's only like three tracks with actual rapping, the rest is either soul samples or singers as guest spots.
Features include: J-Live, Diverse, and some Australian rappers I've never heard of (don't worry, they don't have accents...) I merely checked out the album because I thought his name sounded cool and that J-Live & Diverse were on the tracklist... Peep the divshared tracks before the album... you might like it, you might not...
To sum it up, Katalyst's album is a mix of Electronic, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop and Rock.
And there's a dope ass James Brown track... check that out.

1 How Bout Us (3:43)
Featuring - Steve Spacek
Scratches - Katalyst
2 All You've Got (3:52)
Featuring - Hau* , Ru C.L.* , Yungun
Scratches - Katalyst
3 I Know A Place (4:57)
Scratches - Leeroy Brown
4 Say What You Feel (3:27)
Featuring - Stephanie McKay*
Scratches - Katalyst
5 Over And Over (3:55)
Featuring - Mat McHugh
Keyboards - Stu Hunter
6 May Have Been James Brown (4:26)
Scratches - Leeroy Brown
7 Loaded Gun (3:37)
Featuring - Joe Volk
8 Dedicated (3:22)
Featuring - Diverse
Scratches - Katalyst
9 What Are We Talking About? (4:18)
Scratches - Leeroy Brown
10 Step Up (3:34)
Featuring - Ru C.L.*
11 War (1:00)
12 To Dust (3:17)
Featuring - Katie Noonan
13 Killing Ya Self (3:58)
Featuring - J-Live
Scratches - Katalyst
14 He Is Society (3:56)
15 Bladewalker (3:41)
Featuring - Adalita


Edo G & Pete Rock- My Own Worst Enemy (2004)

By Baysic
I started listening to this album again after I heard that Edo G (Ed O.G.) is teaming up with Masta Ace, one of my favorite rappers of all time, to release an album. They have collaborated already on a track titled "Wishing" on this album, which is why I'm making a post on it. "Wishing" is one of my favorite tracks of all time, everything is nice about it- the three verses and the beat, all amazing.
If you've never heard of Edo G, he's from Boston and he's been in the rap game since '91. You should definetly check out his earlier work, and he's, in my opinion, the best from Boston. Also check out his group's, Special Teamz, album that dropped a week ago. It's pretty good from what I've heard and I'll probably post about it some time.
Most tracks are produced by Pete Rock and although it's short (10 tracks), the whole album has no skippable tracks and it's definetly a gem. Edo G displays his veteran mic skills and it flows well over the Chocolate Boy Wonder's beats. Features include Masta Ace, Diamond D, Jaysaun, and Krumb Snatcha. Pete Rock raps on one of the tracks as well.

1. Boston
2. Just Call My Name feat. Jaysaun
3. Voices
4. School'em
5. Streets Is Callin' feat. Diamond D, Jaysaun
6. Pay The Price feat. Jaysaun
7. Wishing feat. Masta Ace
8. Right Now! feat. Pete Rock
9. Stop Dat feat. Krumb Snatcha, Jaysaun
10. Revolution


Big Lo- MindState: Freedom

By Baysic
Already being noted as a "future classic" and a "keystone release"...

MindState: Freedom is Big Lo's second album. Known for ill beats, political, conscious and FRESH lyrics, Big Lo proves all of this on this album. The album is very consistent and a "breath of fresh air". Mindstate: Freedom also features dope, known artists in the underground: Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Beretta 9 of Killarmy, Jade Foxx, 14th Century, Inferno & DainjaRuss.

1. Intro
2. Come On Down feat. DainjaRuss
3. Good Music
4. How We Do feat. Beretta 9
5. Too Be Strong feat. Vast Aire
6. Titan
7. Snatched
8. Hollow Men feat. 14th Century
9. Interlude
10. The Facts
11. Where Am I Going?
12. Take A Stand
13. Anotha Drop In The Bucket
14. Present Becomes Your Past feat. Jade Foxx
15. The Dawn of Armageddon feat. Inferno

My favorite tracks: Good Music, Too Be Strong, Take A Stand, and Where Am I Going?

Video for "Good Music"


Stimuli vs. Skyzoo [1]

Category: By Baysic
I will try to do a "Who's Better?" poll every week. Vote on the right!

Both are talented slept-on artists from Brooklyn and they're similar. They both have lyrics, flow, metaphors and content.
Please hear both artist's material before voting on the poll.

Crazy lyricist, dope punchlines and nice flow = Stimuli.
I will post a lot of tracks and videos, just watch/listen to all of it and if you want more, PM me for his mixtapes and album (He has a bunch of mixtapes and 1 album/dvd, Switch Sides - 2005)

Am I Different

Countdown (Feat. Joell Ortiz)

I Don't Care (Feat. Maino)

Eye Opener

Over Ya Head (Prod. by Alchemist)

Back Against The Wall (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Doin My Job


Imagine Freestyle (uses the Snoop Dogg- Imagine beat, prod. by Dre)

Can't Tell Me Nothing Freestyle

Hip Hop Freestyle (Joell Ortiz's Hip Hop beat) <= FIRE!

BK Stand Up

In The Hood
Stimuli@Bassline Studio

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You all probably are familiar with Skyzoo... He released an album with 9th Wonder titled "Cloud 9: The 3 Day High" (which was recorded in 3 days) which created him a buzz, and eventually he released a mixtape with known DJ's Mick Boogie and DJ Kay Slay (God, I wish Kay Slay wasn't on the mixtape.. he screams before every track) Anyways, check out the links if you're not familiar with 'zoo.

Way To Go

Stop Fooling Yourself

Extreme Measures (my fav. track off the album)

Get It Done (Feat. Torae) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Cop N Go (Feat. Stimuli & Maino)

You Already Know (Feat. Sean Price)

Click (Feat. Torae) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Hold Tight

Straighten It Out

The Bodega

Sky's Last Donut (J. DILLA TRIBUTE!- uses Donuts beats)

Mixtapes/Albums Downloads:

Stimuli - Mixtape Chronicles Vol. 1-2003
01 Cipha Sounds Intro
02 Picture Perfect (DJ Sickamore Freestyle)
03 Emotions
04 Can't Be Stopped
05 Bang
06 I Don't Care (DJ Boom Freestyle)
07 DXL
08 Glory
09 You Got Me
10 Sad & Lonely (Feat. Marvin Gaye)
11 Somehow, Someway
12 Let Me Show You The Way
13 Run This sh*t
14 Is This What U Want
15 R.O.C. Freestyle
16 Got Damn
17 Whatever You Want

Stimuli - Follow My Lead Vol 2-2004
Stimuli-01- Duction
Stimuli- Follow My Lead
Stimuli-03- D'angles
Stimuli-04- Walk On Water
Stimuli-05- Stop What You Doin (feat Punjabi Mc)
Stimuli-06- Everythings A Go (Feat Dutches)
Stimuli-07- The Rhythm
Stimuli-08- All My Life
Stimuli-09- Come On In
Stimuli-10- Who Am I
Stimuli-11- Lets Ryde
Stimuli-12- Break It Down
Stimuli-13- Life Is Short
Stimuli-14- Free Shyne Freestyle
Stimuli-15- Going Out
Stimuli-16- Sun don't shine
Stimuli-17- Bonus Track

Stimuli - Switch Sides-(CD)-2005

Stimuli - New York State Of Mine-2006

Skyzoo- Corner Store Classic (2007)
Hosted by DJ Kay Slay & Mick Boogie

Skyzoo- Cloud 9: 3 Day High (2006)
Prod. by 9th Wonder

Skyzoo- The City's Favorite (2005)

Jazz Addixx- Oxygen Refreshed

By Baysic
I recently came across the album "Oxygen: Refreshed" by the MC/DJ duo Jazz Addixx that dropped a few weeks ago (it's their debut as well)... I was VERY impressed, as it was one of the best jazz-influenced hip hop albums I've heard recently. The production impressed me the most, DJ Ragz was very nice on the turntables and beats. I've been a fan of production with neo-jazz turntablism and abstract beats and this album clearly has it all..
And for the lyrics, MC Mudd has witty lines and he flows smoothly with the beat.
In all, DJ Ragz is a skilled DJ and beat maker and MC Mudd is a consistent lyricist that comes through with consciousness and intelligence.
This album reminded me of Foreign Exchange's (Phonte + Nicolay) Connected album and if you like Pete Rock & CL Smooth, De La Soul, Gangstarr, you should check this out.

1. Intro
2. Say Jazzy
3. H.I.P - H.O.P
4. Stress
5. Somethin Ya Live featuring Dr. Becket
6. The Warm Up
7. Dope
8. Love
9. Oxygen featuring Primo the Cinematic
10. Don’t Judge
11. Today’s Lesson
12. Un-terlude
13. Mindstate
14. It’s a Shame
15. Feels Good
16. Serenade
17. Far From the Average
18. Jazz Hop
19. 1200 Jazz
20. Bless the Child


C Rayz Walz & Parallel Thought- Chorus Rhyme

By Baysic

ARTIST: C Rayz Walz And Parallel Thought
TITLE: Chorus Rhyme
LABEL: Sun Cycle
TIME: 49:42 min
SIZE: 49,8 MB
RIP DATE: 08.07.2007
RELEASE DATE: 00.00.0000

Track List:

01. Intro 02:01
02. Chorus I 03:41
03. Chorus II 04:02
04. Chorus III (Feat Trinity) 03:34
05. Chorus IV 03:54
06. Chorus V (Feat Vast Aire) 02:30
07. Chorus VI Legacy 03:17
08. Leo Chorus 03:23
09. Vomit Chorus (Feat MF Doom) 04:29
10. Chorus Collection (Feat Various) 14:50
(Read NFO)
11. DJ Chorus 04:01
(Feat DJ Ruffneck, Turntable Anhilists & DJ

Track 10:
(feat Levi, Hykoo, Messiah-J, Icon The Mic King,
Kwote Scriptures, MC Caness, Wordsworth, Karniege,
Double AB, Dusted Dons, Tame One, Glock Rockwell, RA
The Rugged Man, Stahhr The Femcee, Life Long, Sha-
Dula, Marq Spekt, C-Rayz Walz, Thirstin Howl III,
Klu Sheisty, Sean Price, Swave Sevah, Poison Pen,
Chan, MC Unknown, Kosher Dill, Block McLoud, Many
Styles, Omega Moon & Immortal Technique)